Thursday, January 11, 2007

Weary and Fatigued

I am the first to admit that I am an acerbic Dane, a bundle of pet peeves and grumblings. I am one of those people who gets annoyed to watch out-of-shape lifelong bench warmers give each other the high five at football games, as if the excellent execution on the field by two superbly conditioned and disciplined athletes was somehow the accomplishment of the former. Usually, I hold these snide feelings to myself, but I think I must speak out...
Although I am a Kool-Aid free non-supporter of the current appointee to the White House, I do think it a bit much that his heretofore (love using that word) martial supporters now want to step down out of a sense of "fatigue" and "weariness".
You can be weary of a marathon only if you are running in one, you can feel fatigue from a triatholon only if you have just completed two of the three legs of the trial.
You cannot be weary of a war if you are not deeply in the horror, or if the alpha male in your life is over here repairing photo copying machines, rather than walking point in some Buddha-forsaken hill in Afghanistan. When people say they are weary of the war, they do not mean they are personally weary of having three sons gone overseas for over four years, or that they are tired of the rationing of every necessity, or that they are fatigued of not being able to fill the tank of their Packard to jaunt to anywhere they wish for their summer vacation.
In transfat America (never never spell Amerika with a K, it is an affecation), weariness and fatigue mean I don't like how this episode of 24 Baghdad is turning out! Change the channel! Iraq was sold to us as a trial TV series that jumped the shark in the third season. People want to switch the channel not because they had any personal investment from the get-go, but merely because they are bored. Get over it folks. There are no, I repeat, no action heroes out there. They do not exist.


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