Tuesday, July 05, 2005

stupid and nice

Two misused words, or like a favorite condiment, indiscriminately applied...

Two men engage in the same enterprise, and grow wealthy. One uses his wealth to develop an awareness of things outside of his trade; the other talks of nothing but. Both men are highly intelligent, but only one is stupid. Stupidity has nothing to do with brains, rather its a stubborn commitment to any offering of knowledge which does not add to ones wealth.
Mistakenly used for the word pleasant. As Newman said (paraphrase) a gentleman is a man who valiantly attempts to cause no harm, a nice person in contrast merely wishes to do no thing that would threaten its bank account. They do the right thing not because it is right but because some consensus tells them that it is the right thing. Nice implies a certain cunning in one's actions - the action of a fusspot, a craftiness.
I'll develop the both later...


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