Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dead Jewish Guys

Sustained Rant...bear with me...

The springboard for this 6:45 a.m. caffeine stoked rant is the fundie-backed stupidities percolating through our less professional state legislatures, to wit, the back door imposition of voices-in-the-head delusions posing as defenses against religious persecution. I think I have some right to rant this way oin this topic, albeit limited, being raised in a Christian Fundamentalist home...
Example: apparently, pharmacists are now allowed in some states to deny birth control and even psychiatric drugs based on their religious beliefs. Their minister gets a voice-in-his-head, possibly undiagnosed early onset Alzheimer's (Ironic, aint' it!), telling him that a clinically depressed human needs nothing more than a few Bible verses chanted in a prayer circle, and they'll be one happy camper from that point on...and that if the pharmacist parishioner is required to fulfill an order contrary to this belief, the prescription is equivalent to an auto de fe of religious bigotry. Therefore, said pharmacist needs protection from a secular humanist legal structure to protect his right to deny medication.
Also, a student at a taxpayer funded secular humanist institution like a state university apparently now needs protection when to fulfill a credit hour requirement, they are forced to take a life science class. Some state legislators believe it the acme of religious hatred to deny that student the right to take over the class, to steal time and money from the students who actually wish to pursue a career in the life sciences, by chattering on about "intelligent design" or some other equivalent of past pseudo-sciences like phrenology or the study of the four humors of the body. Why does brain dead legislation almost immediatedly suggest Florida?
Now I know quite of few fundamentalists, who believe that getting in your face about their own particular Dead Jewish Guy is a spiritual requirement. To deny this right to jaw about their Daed Jewish Guy when you want to read your neewspaper is persecution manifest. It is their Daily Holocaust. Or to use a phrase first coined annoyingly and admitedly by my fellow Leftists in the late 70's, it is "their Vietnam".
Forget that they are only 15% of this nation for a moment.
Some day it will happen. A fundie minister will conclude that God the Intelligent Designer would never allow PI to be a sloppy number like 3.14159265358979323846..., let alone allow such a number to go to a billion decimal places. No Sir-eee! GOD would round it up! Because he loves us! God wants INTELLIGENT PI - 3.5! And the state legislature must protect faith-based engineers and carpenters who believe this! To force them to use secular humanist billionth decimal place PI is the first step on the road to another Auschwitz!
What is it that Phillip Roth once said about American reality outpacing the creative arts desire to test the bounds of the imagination, where all bets are off? You can't fantasize about the next outrage of these people!
All in service of a Dead Jewish Guy. Well, I base my daily life on a Dead Jewish Guy too, several. Only my chief Dead Jewish guy went by the name of George Gershwin. His Aaron went by the name Ira, and I have found their combined efforts more servicable to meet life's deadening woes...especially whenNelson Riddle abetted any voice massaged by the wizardry of Norman Granz.

So treat me rough
Muss my hair
Don't you dare to handle me with care
I'm no innocent child, baby
Keep on treating me wild
Treat me rough
Pinch my cheek
Kiss and hug and squeeze me`Till I'm weak
I've been pampered enough, baby
Keep on treatin' me rough

Makes as much sense as Luther's Catechism....oh well, at least there is the consolation that every Reign of Terror gets the Thermidor it deserves.

I'll stop for now....

Friday, July 08, 2005

Stop Your Moaning and Bitching

Link to the above--just stop your whining about gasoline prices, folks. You don't need to go the mall every three days in your Dad's Humvee. I found a chart showing gasoline prices in 1995 dollars over a long historical period, and we are nowhere near the spike of 1979-1980. More later.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

stupid and nice

Two misused words, or like a favorite condiment, indiscriminately applied...

Two men engage in the same enterprise, and grow wealthy. One uses his wealth to develop an awareness of things outside of his trade; the other talks of nothing but. Both men are highly intelligent, but only one is stupid. Stupidity has nothing to do with brains, rather its a stubborn commitment to any offering of knowledge which does not add to ones wealth.
Mistakenly used for the word pleasant. As Newman said (paraphrase) a gentleman is a man who valiantly attempts to cause no harm, a nice person in contrast merely wishes to do no thing that would threaten its bank account. They do the right thing not because it is right but because some consensus tells them that it is the right thing. Nice implies a certain cunning in one's actions - the action of a fusspot, a craftiness.
I'll develop the both later...