Sunday, May 01, 2005

Where I am coming from...

I thought I would post of list of writers I admire. First, the Brit essayists, Gibbon, Hunt, Macauley, Lamb, Hazlitt and DeQuincy, and earlier, Addison and Steele. Later, such writers as Auden, Crane, H.W. Fowler, Robert Graves, Murray Kempton, George Orwell. Living, keeping the flame alive, such writers as Jacques Barzun, Vivian Gornick, Christopher Hitchins, Michael Ignatieff, John Leonard, and Joe Queenan. More on how I made these choices later.

Also I will keep a list of truly bad writers. To check for truly bad writing and poor logic, the New Republic is required reading. You will never find a guide to poorer logic and more noxious question begging than this magazine. Read and weep, and unlearn. Also, the columns of Thomas Freidman, who reminds me of the quip by Salvador Dali that he was not a great artist because he was so good but only because all other artists were so bad.


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