Monday, May 02, 2005

Time for a Rant

I think I am entitled to at least one caffeine induced rant this morning...

So I will vent on the word...

First, there are only two measurements of this, the 25th and the 50th. Any other number is just begging for attention. There has never been a 30th anniversary of anything. All other numbers are just Baby Boomer Nonsense. Baby Boomers have this need to trumpet their significance, and these weird anniversaries of 30-35-40 are an example of the silly trend.
Second, anniversaries only count for marriages, high school graduation (anyone can graduate from college; high school alone requires gritty endurance), epic battles, a few Supreme Court decisions, and one or two inaugurations of truly epochal civic engineering projects. That's it. There never has been, nor never will be, an anniversary of the recording of "Louie, Louie" by the Kingsmen. Such an event does not exist, except on cable VH1. And I am willing nto defend this in public.
Beware! When we overuse words we gut them of meaning.
Stay tuned for the "C"s, I am really going to vent on the word "Classic/Classical". Hint, it involves the use of the word before the phrase "Will and Grace"


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