Sunday, May 01, 2005


Insecure writers, to exhibit their Ivy League college degrees or peripatic CVs, enjoy dropping foreign phrases, forgetting that some words do not literally translate. Example: the term amore propore. One can translate this phrase to mean self love. This phrase is soon confused with a completely native Americanism, self esteem, one on those phrases that makes this writer wish to reach for the proverbial revolver. Also, the phrase Guerre au rabais, which actually means somethig like "war done on the cheap". So this HELP WANTED post is actually a "shout out" for foreign readers to provide their own little phrases of political cant and argot to create an online political dictionary. Such as semaine prochaine (I hope I have spelt this correctly), referring to the off-putting of decision-making under the tricolor. More on the use of foreign phrases later.


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