Thursday, May 05, 2005


bureaucrat bureaucracy
We've had this tool since at least the beginning of the Late Ubiad period in Sumer area, let's say 5400 B.C. (NO! I refuse to use BCE, the acronym being an affectation). We will always have bureaucracy, the only question being whether we will send our appeal to a government bureaucracy of a corporate bureaucracy, the latter recently outsourced to Bangalore. (Her name is Urmila 'Mar'todkar, but when she answers the phone number listed by your credit card company, she announces her her name is Brandi). It is political cant to inveigh against this bugaboo - literally bureaucracy is from the French meaning rule from out of an office.
Once again, who is easier to appeal to? the company bureaucrat or the government bureaucrat? Bureaucrats are like another group we affect to hate, attorneys. They exist because we want their services. If you hate bureaucrats and lawyers, stop asking for government hand-outs and stop suing everyone at the drop of a basecap cap worn backwards.


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