Thursday, May 05, 2005

Gimme a C -- is for CANT

From the book of Fowler

cant insincere or parrotlike appeal to principles, religious, moral, political, or scientific, that the speaker does not believe in or act upon, or does not understand...on my own, parahphrasing Fowler, please do not confuse with jargon, lingo, slang, or argot

Examples that come to mind---

cycle of violence
senseless tragedy
man's inhumanity to man

One can shorthand these phrases with acronyms, respectively COV, ST, and MITM

So often used they no longer have meaning, trotted out when one either has nothing to say or deep down doesn't really care. When I see a massacre in an African nation between tribes, I have more respect for the racist who doesn't really care and says, in their ignorance, Them people is animals anyways, than the Pecksniffian who bemoans MITM, or We must work to stop the COV and then does nothing.

JAMES 2:14-20

Cant is the doling out of thin gruel, the offer of grace on the cheap, begging for a free pass, a ruse to avoid the hard work of seriously addressing an issue.
Favorite cant phrases? Gimmee a posting, please...


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