Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Millions of children still traumatized over the Jackson Nipple Attack, we have the Federal Government monitoring bad words. But let us recall exactly what curse words are. Cursing is simply appropriating the right of God to damn and to bless. Consigning someone to Hell is cursing. It is a Sin because it is an Act of Presumption, the first sin of man in the Garden of Eden. Barnyard epithets are not curse words. Let's encode, using the first letter, then the number of letters remaining: F3, S3, C9, M11, C3, T3, and so on (I'd use Cutter Numbers, but only librarians would suss it out). So Dick Cheney is a c3-sucking, lying m11, while Dubya is a dry drunk p4 c3 serial business failure. None of this, spelt out is cursing per se. G-D, go to H, d-you are cursing. Mortals should not presume to send other mortals to Hell, nor assume they possess an authority greater than the Grace of God. Any mortal powers must follow the Office of the Keys anyway, as set forth by Dr. Luther


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