Tuesday, May 10, 2005

C is for Conservative

Closely defined, one who wishes to conserve the present order of things, a straw boss dedicated to the continued feather bedding of his pals, often confused with the reactionary, who wishes to resurrect the spectres of a dead order, ghoulishly distorted through the prism of nostalgia (literally, sickness for one's home). So often used, conservative has been rendered meaningless for political discourse - like the word liberal or the word fascist. More later on the last two words. Weirdly enough, politics and political language is riven with fraud and coercion by its very nature, so when the honor among thieves falls apart, what is the fall-out to us?

addendum to previous posting

On the word commitment

Commitment has entered the New Age Tendency (Ironically, a tendency that infects the Bush Administration. And I'll justify the word irony on demand) towards Creative Visualization in the Body Politic. The thing is done because I verbalized my visualization of the thing being done. When the hundreth Red State Monkey does the same, then the thing is accomplished. We are committed - to talking about being committed. Let's now form another committee committed to make sure nothing is done to resolve the problem we are committed to -- doing nothing about.


At 10:56 AM, Blogger Daphnewood said...

I hate how liberal and conservative have turned into dirty words depending which side of the fence you stand on. I also believe that the words are not used outside of a political realm because of the over stifling impression of politics.


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